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How To Build Your Author Website

How To Build Your Author Website

Building an author website is a vital part of marketing not only your books, but your brand as an author. Check out our how-to guide for building your author site to present your writing to the public and keep you relevant. 

How To Write Conflict in YA Fiction

How To Write Conflict in YA Fiction
Writing young adult (YA) fiction can be a challenge, especially when it comes to creating a realistic, relatable conflict for your central character. Here we discuss how to write conflict in YA that resonates with an audience and drives your story home.

Marketing Your Book: Selling Your Book By Selling Yourself

Learn how to market and promote your book with personal branding
Writers know how to turn a phrase, but we are often sorely lacking in the knowledge of how to market ourselves and our product. We love the process...

How To Use Facebook To Market Your Book

How to use Facebook to promote and market your book online
We know social media doesn’t come easy to some people. It can seem like a very daunting thing, so that's why we’ll start with the simple stuff. Fac...

10 Tips on How To Write YA Fiction

Learn how to write successful Young Adult Fiction Novel

Young adult (YA) fiction is a unique, modern form of narration that appeals to readers of all ages. Let’s discuss 10 tips to help you write a great young adult novel and how to write an authentic YA perspective, even if you’re well past the age of 18.

Popular YA Tropes for your Novel and How To Write Them

Learn how to use popular tropes in the ya genre to improve your book
Tropes, common themes found throughout literature, are a useful literary device that convey larger ideas within fewer words because of how well rea...

Writing Steam into Your Novel: The elements of a great steamy scene

Learn how to write steam into your novel by HotGhostWriter
Steamy scenes, the intimate moments between characters that physically demonstrate their attraction, can be incredibly impactful when used appropri...

Romance Subgenres and How to Choose One

Learn how to choose the right romance subgenre for your novel
As a genre, romance encompasses a broad range of topics and subgenres. In the most basic sense, romance books contain a central love theme and a ha...

Novel Length: How Long is Long Enough?

Find out the right length for your novel and choose the one that fits your novel the best
This is a complex question. Let’s say you’re anxious to start off writing, and you’ve got your writing plan almost ready, but you’re not exactly su...

Creating a Writing Plan: How to Keep Up the Progress and Motivation to Write

Learn how to create a structured and effective writing plan for your novel
So you’re ready to begin your story. You’ve found your genre; you know what’s selling; you have fleshed out your novel idea, and you’re ready to wr...

Writing YA Romance: What makes a good YA romance

Learn how to write a successful young adult ya romance novel with HotGhostWriter guide
Romance is a widely popular genre around the world. It has been a marketable adult genre for a long time now, but young adult romance has proven in...

Self-editing your Novel: A Step-by-Step guide to self-editing

Learn how to self edit your own book through Hotghostwriter's self-editing guide
Finishing your well written book is a major accomplishment. But what comes next? It is time to edit. This can mean one of two things. Sending your ...