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Training Writers to Write Anything for Anyone

Training Writers to Write Anything for Anyone

Our publishing partners come to us with a specific audience or demand they have identified, and it's our job to supply content that meets that demand. This calls for a highly skilled creative, recruitment, and management staff that is up to the task. 

But with so many options for how content is being created, published, and consumed - in addition to the quickly changing trends of the market - how do we do this? How do we ensure that a team of over four hundred writers and editors, that’s growing every day, is trained as thoroughly as possible to run with anything a client might ask for? 

For starters, having a prepared staff means we avoid waiting for a client to ask for something. We watch the market and industry trends to anticipate our clients' needs ahead of time, so our staff is ready before the requests come. 

Here are just a few of the things we’re training our creative staff on to anticipate the needs of the market and our clients

The New World of Romance Fiction

The New World of Romance Fiction

The way romance fiction is being written, published, and consumed is changing.

There have been dramatic changes in the world of romance fiction in recent years. The number of online romance fiction communities is rising, and there is an ever-growing list of new platforms for reading and publishing romance. The genre is shattering old stigmas and gaining more popularity than ever.

More people are reading and writing romance than ever before.

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