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Kindle Publishing Success Story: How Tuan went from $0 to $11,000 a month

  Hey Authors and Publishers! Today I want to bring some inspiration and motivation your way. I recently interviewed my good friend an...

From Wall Street to Successful Kindle Publisher

Hello Killers! Had the opportunity to interview the legendary Nigel from Nigel comes from a Finance background, ...

How To Make $3,000 A Month Publishing Books on Amazon You Didn’t Write?

Did you know that you can earn passive income publishing books on Amazon you didn’t write? That’s right! Amazon allows ordinary people like you and...

Kindle Publishing Success Story: How To Make $5,000 a Month Passive Income With John Robinson

And another one! Today I bring you yet another fire interview with my man John Robinson from! He is a seasoned publi...

How To Publish an eBook on Amazon

In this video + blog post, I will be showing you how to publish your very first eBook on KDP! Before we even get to that, you will need to have you...

Kindle Publishing Series: How To Find a Profitable Niche

In this post, I am going to show you how I find profitable niches to target. I am going to keep things simple and my goal with this po...

How to Make Money by Self-Publishing Fiction in 2021

How to Make Money by Self-Publishing Fiction in 2021
The publishing world has seen a huge amount of change in the last 5 years. Digital giants like Amazon, Google, and Apple have made access to books ...

How To Build Your Author Website

How To Build Your Author Website

Building an author website is a vital part of marketing not only your books, but your brand as an author. Check out our how-to guide for building your author site to present your writing to the public and keep you relevant. 

How To Write Conflict in YA Fiction

How To Write Conflict in YA Fiction
Writing young adult (YA) fiction can be a challenge, especially when it comes to creating a realistic, relatable conflict for your central character. Here we discuss how to write conflict in YA that resonates with an audience and drives your story home.

Marketing Your Book: Selling Your Book By Selling Yourself

Learn how to market and promote your book with personal branding
Writers know how to turn a phrase, but we are often sorely lacking in the knowledge of how to market ourselves and our product. We love the process...

How To Use Facebook To Market Your Book

How to use Facebook to promote and market your book online
We know social media doesn’t come easy to some people. It can seem like a very daunting thing, so that's why we’ll start with the simple stuff. Fac...

10 Tips on How To Write YA Fiction

Learn how to write successful Young Adult Fiction Novel

Young adult (YA) fiction is a unique, modern form of narration that appeals to readers of all ages. Let’s discuss 10 tips to help you write a great young adult novel and how to write an authentic YA perspective, even if you’re well past the age of 18.