From Wall Street to Successful Kindle Publisher

Hello Killers!

Had the opportunity to interview the legendary Nigel from

Nigel comes from a Finance background, having worked and dominated Wall Street for many years before deciding to quit the life of the Wolf to run his own online business and trading empire.

A successful trader and Kindle publisher, Nigel comes to share his story, his journey and success. In this interview, he also shares his top 3 tips for anyone wanting to scale or make their first $1,000 with Kindle.

I was personally blown away by the value he shared in this awesome interview and am super excited to see your reaction when you hear what Nigel has to share.

Nigel also brings us in on a rumor that he has a great program coming out soon. Something incredible is on the way!

Tune in to this raw, uncut and unedited interview now!



Happy Publishing!


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