How To Make $3,000 A Month Publishing Books on Amazon You Didn’t Write?

Did you know that you can earn passive income publishing books on Amazon you didn’t write?

That’s right!

Amazon allows ordinary people like you and me to publish ebooks and paperbacks books on Amazon. Amazon is the largest online retailer with more than 300,000,000 million registered credit cards and billions in sales a year.

You can get a piece of the pie by publishing high-quality books and earning a sweet royalty per sale!

In this video, I give you a brief introduction to the process where you can learn how it all works. I also give you great resources where you will master the process and get started immediately.

I personally built a $3,000 a month income with just 13 books and no real experience in business or online marketing. By following what I teach you can easily do the same!

Watch now and enjoy!

In this video I recommend the following:

My Kindle Publishing Book:

Kindle Niche Research video:…

CreateSpace Publishing Video, How-To:…

Kindle Publishing Video, How-To:…


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