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How To Build Your Author Website

How To Build Your Author Website

Building an author website is a vital part of marketing not only your books, but your brand as an author. Check out our how-to guide for building your author site to present your writing to the public and keep you relevant. 

Marketing Your Book: Selling Your Book By Selling Yourself

Learn how to market and promote your book with personal branding
Writers know how to turn a phrase, but we are often sorely lacking in the knowledge of how to market ourselves and our product. We love the process...

How To Use Facebook To Market Your Book

How to use Facebook to promote and market your book online
We know social media doesn’t come easy to some people. It can seem like a very daunting thing, so that's why we’ll start with the simple stuff. Fac...

Novel Length: How Long is Long Enough?

Find out the right length for your novel and choose the one that fits your novel the best
This is a complex question. Let’s say you’re anxious to start off writing, and you’ve got your writing plan almost ready, but you’re not exactly su...

Creating a Writing Plan: How to Keep Up the Progress and Motivation to Write

Learn how to create a structured and effective writing plan for your novel
So you’re ready to begin your story. You’ve found your genre; you know what’s selling; you have fleshed out your novel idea, and you’re ready to wr...

Self-editing your Novel: A Step-by-Step guide to self-editing

Learn how to self edit your own book through Hotghostwriter's self-editing guide
Finishing your well written book is a major accomplishment. But what comes next? It is time to edit. This can mean one of two things. Sending your ...

Designing a Cover for your Romance Novel: What Does a Good Book Cover Need

Learn how to design the perfect book cover for your romance novel with hotghostwriter guide
While writing is considered an art, not all of us writers are artistically minded in terms of design. The artistic aspect is where things can get a...

Building Your Novel Idea: How to make a plan for writing your novel

Learn how to build and structure your novel idea
If you want to write a great book, then you need to brainstorm and plan a good story. Good stories sell as well as good writing. Whether you’re wri...

Front and Back Matter: What to add to the front and back of your novel to make it stand out

Learn how to design a front and back cover for your book
As a self-publisher, you’re in charge of making the book look as good as possible for your readers. You are the author, the designer, and the marke...

Formatting for self-publishing: Tips and Tools to help you format your own manuscript

Tips and Tools to help you format your own manuscript and self publish it
One of the aspects of self-publishing is the semi-odious task of formatting. You have to prepare your manuscript properly (just like when you’re se...

How to Read to Become a Better Writer

Ultimate guide to Become a Better Writer by Reading
You’ve probably heard that one of the best ways to learn is to read. Even if you’re stuck in one place, you can see the whole world through the eye...

How to Research Your Genre & Find Out What’s Selling

Learn how to research market audience for your book and effectively choose your book's genre
In the last blog, How to Write a Great Book, we discussed finding out what’s selling before you write, so that you can find the audience that works...