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With this service, we will deliver you 3 unique graphics or teasers that

will get your readers hyped and excited for your upcoming or latest released novel. We can literally create and market any campaign you want, or you can choose to go with our 3 standard designs that include:

Teaser 1: This teaser is to be used prior to the release of your book and get readers anxious for its release! It’s great to push pre-order sales or simply build anticipation for the upcoming release. Share it on your social media pages, send it to your email lists and get readers excited for what’s to come!

Teaser 2: This teaser is to be used once your book hits the market! Here we can promote any price offers (such as 0.99c price deals), let readers know that your book is available on Kindle Unlimited (if applicable) and get readers to take action.

Teaser 3: With this teaser, we typically use an impacting quote from the book and a provocative image to build more intrigue and get more readers to purchase a copy. We can also promote a price deal and this teaser allows you to reach out to readers again but bringing a completely new, visually-compelling design!

Alternatively, you can do anything you want with your teasers so let us know what you’d like done and we’ll take care of it for you!