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Our most popular premium package is the All-Inclusive Package. This package is designed for the publisher and author looking to scale, optimize and essentially automate their business/brand and direct their focus to expansion and make the publishing process much easier.


The All-Inclusive package provides you with all that you need to publish your book. Meaning you won't have to go elsewhere or spend any additional time to get things done. By simply upgrading your books to the All-Inclusive (by simply adding it to the cart), you will have everything you need to get your book live and earning royalties and raging fans!


So what is included?




  • We take care of keyword-research and provide you with a list of the 7 most profitable and relevant keywords in your niche for great targeting and ranking
  • We also use the research to create an attractive and more importantly, optimized book title to boost your rank for the most profitable terms in your niche
  • Professional editing & proofreading
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Professional eBook cover design
  • Paperback formatting (print-ready and perfect for createspace)
  • Paperback book cover design (print-ready and perfect for createspace)
  • eBook formatting (perfect for Kindle and other digital publishing platforms)
  • eBook cover design
  • High converting book description (with HTML)
  • Bonus 40 high-quality stock-free images to enhance your book’s message and professionalism


With the All-Inclusive package, you will save yourself time (by having it all done for you at a click of a button), you will get high-quality work and you will simply make things effortless whilst focusing on growing and scaling your business/brand.

Great for a large number of books!


Once your book and package contents are ready, you will receive a link to a cloud folder where you will have access to all your files. All carefully organized and titled for quick and easy access.


You simply drag and drop or copy & paste to effortlessly publish your books. It's that simple!
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