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Hotghostwriter (Inscrive) is a royalty-free content development, book packaging, and ghostwriting company that delivers the highest quality fiction content for its clients who are leaders in the physical and mobile publishing space.

Our process allows scale for those clients seeking to easily and quickly grow their short and long-form fiction libraries. Royalty-free makes IP exploitation practically risk-free.

One thing you can always count on? One-hundred percent human-generated content, delivered to spec and on time.

“Our dedicated team combines industry expertise with a passion for storytelling, ensuring that every project aligns perfectly with your vision and market trends.”


Founded in 2016, Hotghostwriter began servicing small to medium-sized publishers. The Company prided itself on being a one-stop-shop, offering, additionally to book writing, high-quality adjoining services including cover design, formatting, and audiobook production.

In 2020, they expanded into serialized storytelling, IP development including building out successful series, and book packaging.

Today, we ideate, write, edit, format and produce millions of words each month of royalty-free and one hundred percent human generated content on behalf of our clients who are leaders in their respective fields of mobile, traditional, self, and digital publishing.

“Since our inception in 2016, Hotghostwriter has evolved from servicing small and medium-sized publishers to becoming a trailblazer in serialized storytelling, IP development, and book packaging.”


At its core, our primary aim is to deliver the highest quality work and to provide our clients with an effortless and professional experience.

To push the boundaries of digital and traditional publishing by making high-quality content accessible and scalable for a diverse client base.



We produce royalty-free 100% human-generated high quality content ready to serve target audiences in mere weeks instead of months, affording our clients a faster time to market than their competitors.


We manage the herculean tasks of sourcing and training experienced writers who can execute to your specifications, curating a list of capable editors with an eye for critical evaluation, and project and production managers who can meet and or exceed your anticipated delivery timelines.


We partner with you in your success, taking the content development and production burden from you, thus making it easy for you to consistently deliver quality on-trend content for your audience, while enabling you to realize the cost benefit of volume royalty-free content.


  • Short-form fiction including novellas, short stories, serialized bites
  • Long-form fiction including novels, series, anthologies
  • Script-to-novel

  • Teleplay-to-novel

  • Podcast-to-novel

  • Non-fiction memoir, self-help, motivational, biographical

  • Non-fiction educational


  • End-to-end content ideation and development

  • End-to-end book and series packaging

  • Content development and writing

  • Content editing and formatting

  • Story analysis and book doctoring

  • Co-writing/ghostwriting

  • Full suite of editorial documentation including style guides, story bibles, synopsis, outlines, etc.