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Our team of in-house graphic designers will design a unique, gorgeous and unforgettable boo cover.


We will  carry out research to see what the most trendy, popular and successful designs are being used and design something different but just as effective. We also source the highest quality stock-free images to create your cover.


X No cover examples needed.

X No templates used.

X No time wasted on your part.


Our designers pride themselves on quality, professional work and will create designs that you and your readers will love.


Here is what you get


  • We carry out research for you, finding the most popular and successful designs in your niche
  • Free stock images for a clean, high-quality design
  • A cover that meets Amazon’s specific requirements
  • A fully print-ready cover for or any other book printing service (exclusive to business premium clients)
  • 100% unique cover you won’t find anywhere else


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