You may be wondering who this service is for.

Well, it is for you: the publisher, the author, the entrepreneur. It is especially for those that value a service that offers quality, is easy to work with, and provides a good experience.


The problem is that many of the services out there don’t produce the quality you’re after. They provide poor service and poor content, and going down the strenuous path of hiring and managing various freelancers is simply inefficient and a poor use of your time. 

You value your time and you know that your focus should be on growing your business or brand.

Hotghostwriter is here to solve that problem!


Hotghostwriter brings you the highest quality writers for your particular topic.

We do the work for you by taking each applicant through a tough on-boarding process where we not only test the writing skills, but their research skills (key requirement), and their commitment for delivering their best every time.

In addition to their own natural ability, we also take them through a training process that will add additional tools to their arsenal and ensure that they work to deliver you great value. We do all of this so you don't have to.


The book was very well written and researched, proper grammar and structure, no fluff, and engaging unique content. As a former journalist and editor myself, I can tell you that this is very rare to find with ghost writing services...

David P.

Former Journalist

Now, the value doesn't stop there.

Not only do we solve your problem of sourcing high-quality content by giving you access to some of the best writers on the market, but we also have a team of professionals that can take care of the other time-consuming areas of publishing.

Instead of jumping from service to service, website to website, managing different people who work at different speeds and produce different levels of quality, Hotghostwriter enables you to get ALL you need from one place with one fee. This will allow you to outsource a huge part of your process and achieve true scale.


Our mission is simple, but meaningful: we will bring you massive value and make growing your business or brand easier and more convenient.

Working with us will allow you to focus on the key areas of your publishing, like attracting new readers and doing niche/topic research. Leave the creative side to us, we got you!

Here are some of the faces BEHIND THIS GREAT SERVICE

Delfim Álvaro

CEO & Founder

Fabian Cid Mascareñas

Partner & Business Process Manager

Amber Thielman

Operations Manager

João A.

Support Specialist

April R.

Editing & Quality Control

Rachel S.

Editing & Quality Control

Stephanie L.

Fiction & Creative Writer

Fiona M.

Creative Content Writer

Kelvin K.

Creative Content Writer

Sarah B.

Technical & Creative Writer

Jay L.

Technical & Creative Writer

Madison F.

Technical & Creative Content Writer

Kevin O.

Creative Content Writer

Peter B.

Creative Content Writer


Graphics Designer

This is just some of the team that are working together for the achievement of our mission, which is delivering you great value!

Started in June 2016 by Delfim Alvaro, a seasoned publisher, Hotghostwriter is here to serve you. Our quality service and packages will enable you to scale quickly.

Place your order with us today and see what we can do for you!